Thursday, October 23, 2014

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In both the tales Cupid and Psyche and The Frog King, the princess is the youngest of the family and also the most beautiful. In Cupid and Psyche cupid is to make Psyche fall in love with someone is less attractive; a ugly monster of some sorts. This is because the mother (Venus) is jealous that all the men around her are starting to think that Psyche is more beautiful; when in fact she is suppose to be the goddess of love and beauty. In The Frog King there is no vicious acts of jealously, the prince was turned into a frog by a wicked witch but it does not say anything about the witch being jealous of the prince in any king of way. Both stories involve a parents being kind of a authority figure. In The Frog King the father convinced the princess to remain true to her promises that she made to the frog. She obeyed this and won a lovely prince in return. In Cupid and Psyche the mother is a authority figure and she convinces cupid to use his arrow (of true love) to make psyche fall in love with a ugly person. He does obey his mother's orders until he gets so distracted by Psyche beauty that he actually pricks himself with his own arrow and began to fall in love with her. In The Frog King there is no real aspect of true love of any king; the frog just gets turned into a prince because he and her father convinced the princess to do the things possible to get him back human. The tales are so similar in the fact that neither princess is aloud to actually see the prince they are to marry. In The Frog King she didn't know that the prince she met near the well would actually become a handsome man right in her front of her eyes. In Cupid and Psyche she wasn't allowed to see his true identity; she was told she was marrying a monster by her sisters and left at the top of the mountain by her parents. When her sisters convinced her to stand over Cupid with a knife and lamp to see if he really was a monster, and she did. He woke up and saw his wife standing over top of him and flew away and said she would never see him again. In Cupid and Psyche the princess was given task to be worthy of being Cupid's wife while in The Frog King was similar with the task but in this case she didn't know that he would turn into a prince so it was pure luck. Both tales end up with the two couples ending up together and Cupid and Psyche even have a daughter together named Voluptas.

The Frog Prince; The screen where the frog helps her get her golden ball

Cupid and Psyche wedding banquet

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