Thursday, October 2, 2014

Blog Entry 6

Looking at my classmates blogs I have noticed that they use a lot of facts and paragraphs, while my blogs is solely based on opinion and a few things we talk about in class. I keep my blogs about my opinion because I feel like that's what a blog is in general; how you feel about a specific topic. I like how M.Q adds videos to her blogs and keep them nice and simple. I also likes how she puts her own spin on the blogs and answers the question in a way she would like it. I do think she should use a little but of her own opinions in the blog instead of analyzing the blogs. I like how T.S's blog has alot of color in the pictures, it make you want to read her blog just because of the pictures. I also like how one of the pictures i used for my blog is the same she used for hers. It tells that we were kind of on the same page of thinking. I don't believe her blog has any real improvements. I like how B.V blog is very simple and to the point but I also think he should add a little bit of liveliness to it. I understand that boys don't care about details as much as girls do, but i think that a little picture, video or graphic related to the blog would draw readers into wanting to read the blog. It was interesting to see how everybody has there own way of answering the same question in there blogs. It's good to look at other people's ideas and looking at your own to see the similarities and differences related to the style of writing.

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