Thursday, November 20, 2014

Blog 10

The video below is a bed time story version of the Grimm Brothers Rapunzel. The bed time story was very similar to the Brothers Grimm tale. Both tales start off with a man and a woman wanting to have a child. There was a garden in the back of their house that was full of lettuce. The wife had a craving for them and asked he husband if he could get some for her. The husband obeyed because he loved his wife. The husband was then caught by the witch/sorceress around the 3rd or 4th time he went (in the bedtime story it was only once). The husband pleaded for forgiveness and explained to the witch/sorceress that his wife craved the wonderful lettuce and he had no choice but to take them. The witch/sorceress told he husband that the wife could have as many lettuce as she wants but they would have to give her their first born in return. The child was born and the parents had no choice but to give her away and the witch named her Rapunzel. In the Brothers Grimm version Rapunzel was put in the tower when she was 12 years old but in the bed time story she was in the tower the whole time; she grew into a beautiful young woman. The witch would come to visit Rapunzel and would say the magic words, "Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down you hair for me." A prince shows up in both version and heard Rapunzel singing, but in the Brother Grimm version he knew she was located in the tower and wanted to climb up to her but there was no door. In the bed time story the prince was clueless to where she was at, and even wondered why she didn't answer his call. In both versions the prince seen the witch approach the castle and waited to see what she would do. The witch called up to Rapunzel like she always did and the prince knew just how to get up to her. The prince said the magic words and Rapunzel let him up and he fell in love with her beauty. In the Grimm version he must bring a skein of silk every time he came in order to make into a ladder. In the bed time story she warns the prince that the witch keeps her locked up and she he must run away before she catches him. But he agreed to still continue to come visit her every night. In the Brother Grimm version the witch found out about the prince because she accidentally asked her, "how is it that you are so much heavier then the prince". In the bed time story the witch actually sees the prince climb down from Rapunzel's hair. As a punishment she cut off Rapunzel's hair and sent her away to the desert. The prince goes to visit her at the tower but ends up seeing the witch and fell from the tower blinding himself. He wandered around searching for Rapunzel and finally came across her by the sound of her voice. The tears from her eyes returned his sight. In the Brother's Grimm version he found her with two twins, a boy and a girl, and then took her off to his kingdom. In the bed time story he took her off to his kingdom where they married and later on had a beautiful girl that looked just like Rapunzel. 

They all lived happily ever after, The End!

Rapunzel- Bedtime Story Animation/Best Children Classics 

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