Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Psychology of Happiness-Extra Credit

This lecture focused on the methods and things people can do to actually become happier. This was interesting because I was always told that you couldn't measure a person's happiness. She talked about various things that people could do to become happy like writing gratitude journals to themselves, doing community work for others, being tour guides for people, and taking pictures and posing them online to allow other people to see the beautiful things you see. These methods were scientifically proven to promote happiness among people. The way I see that this lecture connects to our class is the happily ever after in fairy tales. I don't know of any fairy tales that end in deaths or any negative aspects. Disney films focus on happiness since the purpose of his films was to promote hope for people during the Great Depression. In the films no matter what they are going through they always find ways to be positive and happy. In Cinderella she sang songs to animals and danced around in the forest. She always kept a positive attitude and smile on her face. This caused good things to happen to her in the end. In most fairy tales there is some since of evil, but in the end the evil person always gets punished and the person who was good the whole tale is rewarded for their positive attitude. In the end happiness pays off in fairy tales and in real life.

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