Thursday, November 6, 2014

Blog 9

The Robber Bridegroom, Fitcher's Bird and Blue Beard are all similar and different in a variety of ways. All three stories involved the male figure in some way of form trying to kill the wife. In Fitcher's wife he actually killed two sisters before the third sister caught on to his plan and put the egg in a safe place before she actually went into the room. In each story the woman were told by the male figure that they would be leaving and leaving them keys to certain things. In all stories the woman searched in the forbidden room even though the husband asked them not too. The sense of curiosity is in each story which leads the woman to die horrible deaths. In Fitcher's Bird the third sister was so smart that when she went in the room and saw that her two other sister's were in the room she put their bodies together and they came back alive. They did not die but were reborn; which is the central theme of fairy tales. The key was replaced as a egg in Fitcher's Bird. The tale also kept the #3 fairy tale rule in having three daughters and three different flavors of wine (the robber bridegroom). The only time this rule broke was in Blue Beard when there was two daughter to choose from and of course it was the youngest daughter who won that spot (typical in fairy tales). The hero in each story is also different. In The Robber Bridegroom she was saved by a woman who knew that the man did not want to marry her but chop her up into pieces and eat her. She woman told her to hide behind a pop and stay there until the men have left and they would escape the place together. In Fitcher's Bird the third daughter was actually the protector. She was smart enough to trick the man in carrying her sisters in a basket without him ever knowing that the sisters were inside. When the sisters got back to the house the family came to rescue the girl. In Blue Beard she was rescued by her brothers. She fooled the man into giving her some time to pray and while he thought she was doing that she was yelling out the window to get Anne to signal her brothers to come to her immediately. When Blue Beard got tired of waiting for his wife; she finally came down to witness her fate but her brothers came and killed Blue Beard and she gained all his riches. The stories are unique in how they make the woman look so weak until it gets to the third sister in Fitchr's Bird who is smart and independent like a woman should be portrayed. I liked Fitcher's Bird the most because it seemed more realistic to me that one of the woman would catch on to this situation. Why would he keep coming to the same family getting these woman? What ever happen to the other sisters? The third sister must have had these questions in the back of her head when the man then came to ask in her hand in marriage. Her curiosity was the same as the other but she also knew that something bad must have been in that room if he gave her the key and then told her not to look. She also knew that something must have been significant about the egg so that's why she put the egg before she went and snooped around in and looked at the room. As a feminist I appeal more to Fitcher's Bird because the end of the story ended with a female using her brains to rescue herself and her family.

Blue Beard
The Robber Bridegroom
Fitcher's Bird 

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