Thursday, November 27, 2014

Blog 11- Final Blog

After reading over my blogs I have noticed that I have learned about my writing and the concept behind fairy tales. When entering into this class I knew we would be learning about the true meaning of fairy tales and the origin of them. I never would have thought that we would read articles by  Bruno Bettelheim about "sexual meaning of fairy tales". I learned that the Grimm tales are totally different then the Disney films we see today. I never really read the Grimm versions of these tales until I got to this class. I always thought that the original tales was the books and films by Walt Disney. Disney makes the tales seem more positive and child friendly, while the Grimm tales can be shown as harsh and brutal. Max Luthi believes that such things teaches children about the bad things that happen in life. He believed that taking these scenes completely from the story would slow down a childs development process; because children have to know about the good and bad things in life in order to learn and grow from them. FYS: Grimm to Disney was a class I wasn't expecting to be as deep as it as. I thought that we would just watch Disney films and talk about the differences, but we actually talked about the feminism aspects of the tales. We analyzed the tales as though they were real life stories with real life people. I really enjoyed my time in this class and hope my SIS is as exciting as this class was.

The Brother's Grimm; Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

Walt Disney

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